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A world of excelling entreprenuers.


Serving entrepreneurs with financial and operational clarity.


Communication - we preach timely communication because our client's success is our main priority.

Intelligence - we understand progress is iterative and relies on our intelligence with the current data landscape.

Innovation - we must learn from the past but focus on the future and how to improve. 

Fun - we must be able to laugh at ourselves and have fun. Let's enjoy our time both at home and at work. 

Water Taxi

Past Success

Laptop and Paperwork

Accounts Receivable

Nick worked with a client where 30% of AR was overdue. Nick implemented a weekly procedure to follow up with the overdue accounts.

After 3 months, overdue AR had been reduced to 12%.

Work Desk

Unpaid Work

A client only invoiced when projects were complete. Nick designed and implemented a system to see the amount of work performed that was not invoiced.

This gave the client visibility into $500,000 of invoices that could be sent.

Payment Method

Credit Utilization

A client was unable to pay off their credit card each month. Nick implemented a plan to move all payments to willing suppliers from direct deposit to credit card. 


The client saved over $12,000 annually.

Nick French, CPA

Nick French, CPA.png

Nick has 10 years of combined public practice and industry experience. He has been a part of successful leadership teams as the head of finance. He has a wealth of experience with cash management and financial modelling, which was critical to the sound decision-making of each group.


As a serial optimizer, Nick aims to reduce everyday tasks' burdens by developing new technology solutions. Coming from positions where simple tasks were all-consuming, he knows firsthand how critical automation is for an organization to innovate and scale.

Nick is passionate about business and technology. He cares for his clients and their businesses. Choose Razor Consulting, and Nick will be a critical partner for your business success!

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